My adventures with working with Sellers

As I set out to establish a new career path, I have really taken a liking to doing product reviews for companies, sellers and family run operations.  I feel that this is highly beneficial in many aspects of the sales and marketing adventure.  By reviewing all different types of commercial products I have been afforded the opportunity to actually provide the sellers with my honest input, feedback and opinion on their items that they are currently selling. This is a full-time job and requires a lot of my time, attention and communication with all of the sellers that I am working with. On any given day there are five to six products that I receive and I have a timeline to use, review and submit my feedback about the products. Some of the items that I have are test products and not yet available, the others will be linked into Amazon or whatever applicable website.

Though I have just recently started this blog in regards to this career field, I feel it is extremely rewarding and beneficial. Continue to read to see what is up next.

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