Getting to know Me- Your Blogger

Im Rachael, I am a 36 year old mother and wife and I currently live outside of Seattle, Washington. Yes it is a true statement that it rains almost 9 months of the year out here, but after some time living here you become rather accustomed to the gloomy skies, the rain and the lack of sunshine. The purpose of my new-found blogging is to help to inform others about things that may interest them: Being a Mom, Being a Vegan, Learning to accept yourself for who you are, Trying new things and best of all just living life to its fullest! If you choose to join me on this journey maybe through my artful words you will discover something that will help to educate, inform and most importantly inspire you. Being a wife and a Mom is a full-time job and I love it! I have chose to attempt to give my spare time to blogging about things that are current, new, popular and diverse. I hope to provide you some insightful things to ponder, consider or maybe even reconsider through the course of my blog. Now, lets get started!

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