Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil Review

This Lift Care Essential Oil is Lovely!! A bright, fresh and aromatic aroma of cold pressed Lemon Oil, with 5 times the strength. Im an Essential Oil fanatic and I love having the addition of scents in my home. This Lemon Oil is perfectly balanced to be used alone or alongside another one of your favorite scents for the perfect combinations and Essential Oils on their own as well. This Lift Care Essential has nailed it with this Lemon Essential Oil, its cold pressed and smells ever so sweet and not bitter at all. I have added a video to go along with my review so you can see the product and what I think about it. I really think this is a fantastic value for the price you are getting 4 Ounces of Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil that will last you a very long time. Please check out my video. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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