Book Review- How To Monetize A Small Blog by Luke Weil

The Book was a good, insightful read. I gained a lot of basic knowledge about how to market myself and my personal blog from reading Luke’s Book. Containing a lot of helpful guides as far as advertising, companies to work with and how to get paid advertising started and becoming profitable for you and your blog. Through direct advertising you are able to gain income from smaller companies that choose to work with you and your blog. You can also have direct mailing contact with companies in which you are basically asking to work together, for profit. Using banners and graphics on your blog will surely be an eye catcher to your readers and subscribers. You have to provide a reason for people to want to work with you, so you can make some income in the long run.

I have a really basic blog and I intend to take a lot of this book into account on how to build it up, Im thankful that I had the chance to read this short but very helpful book.

Great points, very helpful and I hope to gain monetarily from your knowledge.

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