Wine-A-Roo Product Review
I wanted to get one of these for a gift for a family member that is a big wine drinker and loves to take wine with them for picnics and other outings and I thought that it would be perfect for that. The size is large and will surely hold an entire bottle with no issues at all as it can hold 750ml/ 25 Ounces with ease. The Wine A Roo is BPA free, can be folded for storage, can be frozen to chill your wine for an all day outing, is extremely light weight and very flexible. Even if you aren’t into Wine you can use this large storage pouch for your favorite drink of choice and be able to get into most public events/places that don’t allow glass bottles. This has a metal clip attached so you can easily secure it to your purse/bag or your belongings. This is a great idea and perfect for Wine drinkers and everyone alike! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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