Piczzle.com Puzzle/Picture Review

So I was selected to participate in a product review for a company called Piczzle. They are an independent company that focuses on transforming your photos into works of art as puzzles. They have numerous sizes and shapes to choose from, all you have to do is select the style that suits your needs and then upload your photo to their website directly. They will allow you to crop it, if need be and then you can also add the wording of your choice to your finalized puzzle. You can check their products out at http://www.piczzle.com and let me tell you they are such a great company to work with and their turn around time is amazingly fast for something that is so customizable.

I had a photo from my wedding day done and it is so perfect, Im not sure if I will even open the box because I love it that much. I would like to pass it to my young daughter when she is older and will be able to take care of it. I know it will be such a wonderful keepsake for our families special day. I love the puzzle layout that I chose and it is replicated on the front of the box that holds your puzzle. The box is wrapped in heat wrapped plastic for added protection and keep your items safe.

Im really fortunate to have had this opportunity and I hope that you all will go ahead and check their website out and also their Facebook page too!

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