Zen Home Dry Brush Set- Product Review

Are you familiar with the benefits of dry brushing your skin to help increase the blood circulation throughout your body? Well if you aren’t then you should probably look into it. I stared dry brushing about 6 years ago and I have loved it ever since and I do it regularly. In order to effectively dry brush you need to begin at your feet and you brush upward towards your heart. Bringing the blood upward aids your cardiovascular system and circulatory system tremendously. I recommend that you dry brush immediately prior to your shower/bath routine in order to achieve the maximum benefit. I dry brush inside the shower before I turn the water on in order to avoid having the shedding dry skin go on the floor in my bathroom. You do your whole body with the dry brush and use circular motions on your abdomen and small upward strokes on your neck. This method of dry brushing has been around for a very long time and the health benefits are more than just skin deep. This perfect set comes with an exfoliating glove that you can use wet or dry, whichever you prefer. I am currently using my brush in the shower, wet, immediately after I dry brush. Your skin will feel ‘alive’ so to speak and it will appear flush with color momentarily as the blood vessels rush additional nutrients throughout your body. Follow up with your favorite after shower moisturizing lotion to reap the most of your dry brushing regiment. The hairs on this brush are not as firm as I am used to in the past but it is still rather effective on the external skin. Im really happy with this dry brush set and I think that you will enjoy using it just as much as I do. #gotitfree

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