William Hicks Shaving Brush- Product Review

Beyond my expectations!! Very high quality and a solid construction design makes this a wonderful shaving brush! I got this William Hicks Shaving Brush for my husband and he loves it! Its such a heavy handled brush that its really easy to hold onto while he works up a later and applies it to his face. The photos of the Shaving Brush don’t really depict how wonderful it actually is. Its a very heavy brush which is indicative of being very high quality and I know that a lot of thought and consideration went into this perfect finalized brush. Lovely placement of the boars hairs make this brush very easy to use and it holds water very well, ensuring that you will get the best shave possible. I make my own homemade shave cream for my husband and now owning this William Hicks brush just makes it that much better! This brush reminds me of one that would be sold at a fancy mens boutique or barbershop! Very happy that I got this for my husband, He LOVES IT! #gotitfree

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