Veda Yoga- Product Reviews (2)

This eco-friendly, lightweight and durable Yoga Mat is perfect! Made to be 1/4″ thick and 72″ in length this beautiful yoga mat is a welcome addition to my personal yoga items. The soft feel of the material will really make my yoga practice much more enjoyable. I decided to get a new yoga mat because I do hot yoga and sometimes the mats seem to deteriorate faster because of the combination of the added heat coupled with the excessive sweating/moisture. I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase and I feel that this mat by Veda is going to last me a long time. Everyone knows that in order to hold and maintain the correct form and posture in yoga it is imperative to have high quality equipment and this yoga mat is exceptionally hight quality and you will not be dissatisfied. Completely backed by Veda with a lifetime guarantee you can make your purchase with the peace of mind knowing that you are totally supported by the company. I hope that you will enjoy using your new Veda yoga mat as much as I have and you can check out the other products they make as well. High quality and outstanding construction makes this a great buy!#got it for free #vedayoga

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