Thermo-active Hot Cream Product Review

This innovative formula contains a blend of thermo-active ingredients that are intended to help bring back the natural firmness to your skin. It is recommended to apply it directly to your skin after showering or just before a workout to maximize the thermal affect to receive the maximum benefits. It is a semi-thick white cream that has a very pleasant scent which is not too strong and I think its just right. The recommended application areas include the stomach/abdomen and things and buttocks areas twice a day to see the best results. Once you apply the cream to your skin it will take approximately 10 minutes for you to begin to feel the warming and tingling sensation and compared to other brands of creams it isn’t an uncomfortable feeling. After I applied it I could feel it within about three minutes and it is typically lasting about 35 minutes for me, everyone is different so your experience might be different than mine. The complex ingredients are essential in stimulating your skin cells and allowing your body to take in the benefits of this cream. Using this for the 6 week timeframe, twice a day and you should see the results that you were looking for. This price is a great bargain and I highly recommend that you purchase this and give it a try and be sure to do it for the full six weeks! I am happy with this brand and the purchase I made and I feel that this is a far better price value. I will continue to use it for the full six weeks and follow up with the recommended 3 times a week afterwards. Great product! #gotitforfree

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