Telomere Supplement- Product Review
This telomere anti-aging supplement is formatted to assist in the lengthening of your telomere and/or prevent telomere attrition. Contained in the capsules is Vitamin D, E, B9, B12, Niacin and Selenium as well as a proprietary blend of green tea extract, astralagus, milk thistle, honey goat weed and hyaluronic acid. The formulary blends combination of vitamins and the astralagus is necessary in maintaining and rebuilding portions of your immune system. This is not by any means a magical pill to heal you or change anything but it is a great blend of high quality ingredients and I am sure you will feel better while taking these as your immunities will be higher and you will feel more alert. Good product and it is a great price from this seller, recommend that you give it a try but keep in mind its recommended to take 2 capsules a day so this bottle will last you only 30 days but its really worth it! #gotitforfree

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