Konjac Sponges- Product Review

If you are looking for a fantastic and natural facial cleansing item to add to your daily face care routine then this Konjac Sponge set is perfect for you!. You will receive two different sponges; one for day and one for night. They are intended to be used after allowing them to soak in warm water so that they can expand into their full form. You can use these with or without your favorite facial cleansing product. Be sure not to press too hard while you are using the sponges in circular motions. Made from charcoal and bamboo your face will surely thank you and be glowing within days of your first use. Ensure that you squeeze all of the excess water out of the sponge and allow them to hang and air dry. Gentle exfoliation, all natural, non-toxic and is certain to work on all skin types even to include children and babies. So gentle but so effective on even the toughest skin out there. This is a fantastic product and you are getting two of these sponges from this seller for a great price. I am very happy with mine and I am loving the gentle deep cleansing effect that it is having on my skin. #gotitforfree

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